WIND to launch Bold 9700, HTC Snap & Huawei U8220?


  • Clay S

    a friend of mine is a store manager for a retail wind store, she told me they will be launching with a “new” blackberry, but couldn’t tell me what one.

  • nadim

    I’d like to see pricing first….. I thought they would have got ridden of all LD i guess not hmm

    • Chops

      All I can say is “in province LD” is better than any other carrier is currently providing. Other companies charge an arm and a leg for unlimited LD.
      Most of my LD calling is within Ontario, where I live.
      I am more than happy with Wind’s decision. Can’t wait for an official release!

  • Denis M.

    Hmm the Huawei U8220 as a launch device, that would be interesting.

    That Android phone looks pretty interesting.

  • Denis M.

    Also sorry for double post but it would be nice if they picked up the HTC Touch HD2 that looks like is heading to T-Mobile US which like WIND has the AWS bands.

  • Scott

    I’m hoping they add the Nokia N900 before they launch in Edmonton. Then again if they’re plans live up to the hype then I’ll just choose whichever phone I like the best from their lineup.

  • Kirk n

    I’m interested to see how they are going to offer smartphones without contracts. If it’s going to be to buy them and full list price i’m not seeing much value.

  • mohsen c

    hi will they be coming to vacouver or just to Toronto and edmonton?

  • Kmusky

    Calgary and Toronto to start, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver shortly after.

    Looks like DAVE and Wind will be launching here in Edmonton about the same time. Good for us!

  • Angelo Cerase


    Good to know that Wind is going to offer a variety of Smartphone OSes.

    Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile to start – STILL WAITING FOR THE PALM PRE!!!