Oh yes, Solo Mobile released the Samsung Link also

solo-linkSometimes we forget about the almost defunct Solo Mobile. They’ve been added to the mix and released the Samsung Link. This is now available on all Bell’s brands including Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile and Solo Mobile.

If you choose to go the Solo Mobile route you can pick this text friendly full QWERTY device on the following plans:
2-year contract: $25.00
30 day/No term: $125.00
Prepaid: $150.00

Just so you can get the best value for the Link, here are the other price plans. Bell has the Link on the following price plans: 3-year contract: $0.00; 2-year contract: $49.95; 1-year contract: $225.95 and No-contract for $279.95 and Prepaid for $299.95. Virgin has the Link on 3-year contract: $29.99; 2-year contract: $49.99; 1-year contract and no contract for $99.99