VIDEO: Unreleased TELUS HTC Touch Pro2

TELUS will be launching the HTC Touch Pro2 shortly (another World Edition) and we got our hands on one of these gems!

It comes loaded with a 3.6 inch tilting touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3.2 megapixel camera with video, speakerphone, Wi-Fi all put together nicely with a full 5-row QWERTY keyboard. This honestly has it all and the touchscreen is incredibly responsive. Plus the full QWERTY keyboard is one of the biggest I’ve seen which makes it easier to type your messages. Check it out here (we’ll have a full review shortly):


  • Joe Ball

    omg omg omg omg WHEN is this baby coming out!?!?!

    Aand how did you folks get your hands on one??

    I'm really happy they stuck with the Euro-style back cover. Very nice. I think this is the best looking TP2 out of all I've seen, (sprint's is hideous, and T-mo's is a brick)

  • Rich

    Right on, any luck with catching the North American HSPA bands it will run on?

  • midtoad

    "comes with Windows Mobile 6.1"…

    that's like saying it comes with Herpes. Fortunately the HTC custom interface hides most of the non-finger-friendly ugliness under a nice-looking exterior.

    • Joe Ball

      well it't not much, but it will eventually have a WM6.5 upgrade (when it's released)

    • midtoad

      Speaking as the owner of a Bell UT Starcom running WinMo 5, I have to say that carriers have a damn poor record of providing OS updates for products they've sold. Bell never released WinMo 6 for my device. Why should you believe that they will release WinMo 6.5 for you?

      (This failure may be one of the reasons for the success of Apple's iPhone: OS updates have been plenty, and issued by the OS builder directly to the user, bypassing the carrier). Ditto for Google's Android and RIM's Blackberry.

    • Joe Ball

      Because HTC have said they will roll out wm6.5 upgrades ONLY to phones with the 'windows' button on them. The TP2 has the windows button.

      Guaranteed. It will get a wm6.5 upgrade

    • midtoad

      Good to hear it will get WinMo 6.5, because it looks like a signficant improvement.

  • PPCDude

    TP2 is comming July 21st.. hes als missing one of the most important points.. this is a World Edition. it takes SIM cards as well.

  • korey

    It shows that there is a headphone jack which is a good surprise but is it 2.5MM or 3.5MM?

    • korey


  • Tyler

    Wahoo!! A real headphone jack instead of the usb port for headphones! It's only a 2.5mm but at least it's a start! Bell, you need this like YESTERDAY!!

  • Dave

    I have read this device will have World Phone capabilities, to Rich's questions, will the North American bands be locked until HDPA network is fired up?

    Also, does anyone know Telus's plans for allowing unlocked phones on new HDPA network?

  • j.

    come on, you have your hands on the actual device, all the specs could be released! please oh please tri-band HSPA!!! lol

    And whats up with the jack? (I think they meant 3.5), its pretty surprising that they would have included that… I thought the reason it was not in other devices was space.

    Sucks that there is no front-facing camera (although it is not surprising).

  • dro

    not impressed at all…the only good feature i c is the tilting screen…will def have to examine hands on….i think ill b sticking w/ my TP for now, HTC has alot of phones coming out so i think i will hold off on TP2

    • Joe Ball

      ..yeah… not that much of an upgrade from a TP, but from a Diamond, it's a world of difference.

    • Jessie

      larger screen, more memory, updated interface, much better keyboard, headphone jack, larger battery… that is quite an upgrade.

  • DanITman

    Can you confirm if it also support microphone? I prefer wired headsets over bluetooth.

    • Joe Ball

      It's no confirmation, but I'm pretty sure the headset that comes with it has a mic (you can see it in the video, the thing he takes the plastic film off of) because it's the same design as the headset I got with my Diamond.

    • j.

      If you look at the jack of the included headset, its a TRRS (stereo + an extra metal ring), meaning it supports the mic too.

  • briggs

    Does the extended USB port still work with older HTC headphones?

  • MatthewSebastian

    Can you check the manual/hardware info and see what GSM bands the device supports? I know it won't be unlocked for north america, but I'm curious if it will be similar to the Snap and support HSPA bands even if they are locked.

  • Aric

    Wow. Im seriously considering buying this full price. I wonder what the battery life is going to be like though…I had barely a day out of my diamond with moderate use…I seriously hope this one is better.

    Me thinks 649.99 outright.

    • Jessie

      549 outright buy (yes 100 cheaper than Touch Diamond Pro!) Battery life has been getting some STUPID GOOD reviews on the GSM version of this phone – as much as 1 week on a charge with even basic usage! The clock has been slowed slighty on the CPU which is doing wonders supposedly.

  • Jessie

    Need those GSM band supported specifications please 🙂

  • Eric

    Are the buttons on the keyboard made of the same plastic as the euro version? They kind of look rubber in this video..

  • Jessie

    After more research I found out that the attached phone above is the Snap… depending on if Telus takes the same configuration as the Verizon snap world phone radios this phone could be CDMA/EVDO/GSM 850 and 1900 (including the remaining two bands!) If that's the case I don't see why one couldn't unlock the phone for use on any GSM network in Europe or US….

  • tmac

    Does anyone know if it comes with the chrome trim and white keyboard version?

    • Jessie

      No chrome – it's like a brush alloy… the keyboard is also aluminum looking. Trust me – you don't want the chrome (see Sprint HTC Pro for more insight – it flaked like crazy and ended up looking very, very bad.) The brushed alloy look should hold up a lot longer.

  • George

    does it have FM radio?

    • Jessie


  • Jerson

    Is this a Telus only exclusive, any word if it will make it to Bell?

  • nma

    Can I use this phone with T-Mobile? and will it keep all of its features.

  • darren

    im getting this phone today !! im thinking of getting this phone or the Blackberry storm i cant chose which one to get 😛 lol im leaning toward the HTC Touch pro 2 , which one do you think i should get?