Virgin announces winner of “Screw You Recession” Intern Search

screwyourecessionnewimageVirgin has announced a winner in their “Screw You Recession” Summer Intern Search and after 31,000 votes they are proud to give the title to Waterloo’s D.J. Demers. He will now work at Virgin this summer and spend his days searching for stories, digging for deals, interviewing financial experts… and just generally telling the recession where to stick it. As compensation he rake in $2,000 a month for 3 months, a laptop, BlackBerry and a Flip video camera.

Demers said “I’m totally pumped to get this chance to express myself on the blog and help people out at the same time. The first time I saw the Intern Search I knew I’d be able to do something really cool, and it feels awesome that other people thought so too. I can’t wait to get cracking. I’ve got a ton of ideas for videos, blog posts, and just a whole bunch of general ways to bring this whole recession to its knees.”

Here is his winning video:

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