Live stream from Apple WWDC…new iPhone called 3GS

With all the buzz and anticipation of the upcoming release of the new Apple iPhone you can watch it live from this video stream here. Will there be a 2 tiers of iPhones coming out? Will there be a $99 iPhone? Will a new iPhone “Pro” be coming out? Here are some of the rumours that are going around:

The new iPhone will be smaller iPhone by one-tenth of an inch than the current model, a 3.2 megapixel camera, better battery life for video playback, “a faster 3G chipset (HSUPA vs current HSDPA), improved graphics processor, video recording, more memory (16GB/32GB)”. Pricing is rumoured to be $199 for the $16GB and $299 for the 32GB iPhone Pro.

Here are some live highlights regarding the Apple iPhone. Live Video Stream below:
1:47pm: Developers have downloaded the SDK 1 million times
1:47pm: 50,000 apps in the available in the AppStore
1:48pm: A total of 40 million iPhone and IPod Touches has been sold
1:49pm: April 23rd Apple crossed the 1 billion download app mark (9 month since launching)
1:50pm: Showing a video of some of the people who have developed and used some Apple Apps
1:55pm: Intoducing iPhone OS… now with “Cut, Copy and Paste”
1:56pm: Included in a “Undo Support” to undo your last action
1:56pm: Landscape view is being brought to mail, notes and messages
1:57pm: 1 app to send MMS, send and receive photos
1:58pm: Search support on your iPhone for apps, messages in your e-mail and server
1:59pm: iTunes! You can now rent and purchase movies, TV show and audiobooks from your iPhone!
2:00pm: Parental controls has been updated
2:01pm: Tethering, sharing you iPhone connection with your computer.
2:02pm: Safari now 3 times faster… web pages loads and renders faster!
2:03pm: Autofill, remembers your login and passwords to your favorite websites
2:04pm: Globe button added where a user can simply switch languages, now up to 30 in iPhone 3.0
2:05pm: Misplaced or lost your phone? New service called “Find My iPhone” that can be used worldwide.
2:08pm: Remote swipe command that can simply remove all the private data from your iPhone
2:08pm: Support for pier to pier connectivity support.
2:10pm: Opening up accessories for Hardware developers to develop their own compatible accessories
2:13pm: Bringing developers up on stage to show what they’re working on: Gameloft, Airstrip Technologies, ScrollMotion, TomTom, ngmoco, ZipCar
2:39pm: Music – playing a guitar on the iPhone
2:41pm: iPhone 3.0 available wordwide June 17th, developers get it for free today!
2:45pm: Phil up on stage promoting the iPhone and all its glory. 2/3rd of web surfing is done on the iPhone
2:46pm: compares to the Android App Market, Nokia Ovi Store, BlackBerry
2:46pm: New version of iPhone called “iPhone 3GS”
2:49pm: 3 megapixel autofocus camera that can take up to 10cm away. Showing photos.
2:52pm: Video recording, 30FPS movie recording, Video editing with tap of your finger!
2:53pm: Voice Control added to iPhone
2:55pm: Digital Compass added to iPhone (Integrated into Google maps)
2:56pm: Built in support for Nike+
2:57pm: Business will be happy: Hardware Data Encryption
2:58pm: Better Battery life – Up to 9 hours surfing; 10 hours video; 30 hours music; 12 hours 2G talk time; 5hrs 3G talk time, 9 hours wifi
2:58pm: Talking how green the iPhone 3GS is.
3:00pm $199 for the new 16GB 3GS; $299 for 32GB comes in Black & White
3:01pm: Keeping the current 8GB 3G on the market priced at “breakthrough” $99 price
3:02pm JUNE 19th availability… in 80 countries by August.


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