Skyfire releases 1.0, has over 1 million users and takes on BlackBerry

fireplace2_e71_skyfireSkyfire officially came into Canada back on October 31st of last year and they have been busy. For those who are unfamiliar with Skyfire, it’s a free download that brings you the web to your mobile phone as if you’re using your work or home computer.

Recently Skyfire surpassed the 1 million user mark and to celebrate they have made Version 1.0 now available. Major improvements include faster startup, improved zoom, enhanced navigation, and easier sharing items to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, much bigger news especially for BlackBerry owners. Skyfire has launched a Private Closed Alpha program for the BlackBerry platform and will announce plans for a Public BlackBerry Beta soon.

Nitin Bhandari, Skyfire CEO said “We were absolutely floored by the initial response to the Skyfire Beta. We knew people wanted the PC web on their phones and this was clearly confirmed in the significant user growth and engagement during our beta period. We achieved our goal of delivering both a better and faster mobile browsing experience. However, bringing it to over 1M consumers exceeded our expectations of a beta, especially since they were all acquired organically by buzz and word of mouth.”