Video Review: OtterBox Curve 8300 Impact Series

Even though RIM has released the new Curve 8900 this has not stopped OtterBox from developing the 8300 Impact Series Cases. With millions of Curves out there I’m sure these cases will do very well.

If you are prone to dropping, scratching or get a lot of dust on your device, the Impact Series is so incredibly simple to protect your precious berry. This case only fits the 8300, 8310, 8320 or 8330, not the 8350i. This only comes in black, weighs 85 grams and keeps the style of the Curve in tact by having easy access to the headphone jack, sync/charge jack, speakers, microphone & camera. This costs $19.95 (USD) and can be purchased through OtterBox or any store you frequent.

Check out this video here: