Unreleased BlackBerry Pearl 8220 “available” at Future Shop

What a difference a day makes! It was only yesterday we saw a screenshot of the inventory that shows the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 to be available at Future Shop for $49.99.

Today, Future Shop now lists the “Rogers Blackberry Pearl 8220 Handheld Cellular Phone” in Black and Pink as available on a  3-Year Agreement for $49.99 on their website, but the catch is you have to trek on over to a store to purchase… this is an “In-Store Only” offer….

Too funny… not even Rogers has released this baby yet! First it was the HTC Touch Pro from Telus that we saw an apology, now the RIM and Rogers Hammer will for sure come down.  I’m sure we can expect this phone to be released very soon then…

Check it out here