TELUS BlackBerry Storm “Coming Soon”, Bell to follow

After all the rumours going around about who will carry the upcoming BlackBerry Storm in Canada, it seems that TELUS is out of the gate first as they have posted a “Coming Soon” site. You can enter your personal info and they will notify you when it’s available.

The site says “TELUS is about to take Canada by storm with the launch of a groundbreaking smartphone.  It’s the world’s first BlackBerry device with a revolutionary touchscreen and it’s exclusive to TELUS at launch. Join the Storm watch by signing up to receive the latest news, regular updates and be the first to know when the storm rolls into Canada.”

No word on a release date, but, an article published by the Toronto Star today stated that RIM’s co-chief executive Jim Balsillie says the BlackBerry Storm “will arrive in Canada later this year over Bell Canada Inc. and Telus Corp. networks. This is meant to be on (high-speed) CDMA networks in North America”.

Loving the Q4 line-up on phones and competition!