Best Buy Canada set to launch Mobile stores

By the end of 2008 you will see a new project by Best Buy Canada called “Best Buy Mobile”. The first will be a stand alone location in Toronto and will sell mobile phones, plans and accessories – and will directly compete with Rogers, Bell and Telus. Plans to expand the idea and put a Best Buy Mobile “store-within-a-store” into its current locations across Canada.

Here are some key points that they are planning to execute:
– ALL current Canadian wireless network carriers
– Canada’s best selection of phones and handsets
– A complete range of mobile phone accessories
– Knowledgeable, non-commissioned mobile phone specialists
– No rebates. Actual prices are clearly marked
– WOW (Walk Out Working) service for your phone, so that customers can leave our stores with their new mobile device actually working and data transferred
– Offer straightforward information on pricing
– Be there for our customers for the life of their phone

“Very few Canadians say they have had a positive experience while purchasing their mobile phones. Best Buy Canada believes this needs to change,” says Mike Pratt, President, Best Buy Canada Ltd. “Customers deserve a pressure-free, personalized one-stop-shop that puts the emphasis on them, not on the network or service plan. The creation of this new and innovative arm of our business is a direct response to the needs and feedback of our customers from coast-to-coast.”

“The mobile phone business in Canada is significantly underdeveloped,” says Phil Johnston, Director, Wireless Solutions, Best Buy Canada Ltd. “Best Buy believes there is a genuine need for a new solution in the wireless space and that we have the retail experience and expertise to deliver a new and unique choice to Canadian mobile customers.”

Best Buy Mobile has launched in the United States and the program and seems to be doing very well. Looks like Best Buy will be using the domain BestBuyMobile.ca for the Canadian project.