UofT receives $3 million for Significant Wireless Research

The Government of Ontario along with the Ontario Research Fund’s Research Excellence program, and wireless partner Motorola has announced an approved budget of $23.3 million to research, support, develop and commercialize new technologies necessary for the deployment of large-scale, self-powered wireless networks.

Led by lead researcher, Dr. Dimitrios Hatzinakos,  one of the key goals of this project is to create the low-cost, miniaturized, readily integratable 24/7 energy generation systems that can power these wireless networks.

Key facts:

  • This project envisions developing flexible, low-cost sensors, enabling software, and innovative ways to power wireless networks — including tapping into new solar technologies.
  • According to Dr. Hatzinakos, the market for mobile sensing is poised to surpass $5 billion by 2011 with substantially greater growth expected over the next decade.
  • Dr. Hatzinalos team currently numbers 13 people. With Ontario’s support for this project, it is anticipated that well over 60 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and 300 senior undergraduate students will be directly involved in associated research activities.