Samsung A580 Review

Samsung a580The Samsung A580 is only at PC Mobile and comes with a spicy meatloaf. With an internal entenna and a vivid 65K-color internal screen (128 x 160 px) and 4-level monochrome external LCD. In addition, this includes such features as built-in voice dialing.

  • hands-free 2-way speakerphone
  • voice dialing
  • dual screens
  • trimode dual band phone
  • internal 65K colour display
  • external 2-line monochrome sub-display
  • assisted GPS Ready for e9-1-1 and Finder Services
  • download capable for ringtones, screensavers, games and applications
  • capable of 2-way SMS/Text messaging with T9™
  • built-in tools include: voice memos, alarm clock, world clock, calculator memos, task lists and countdown timers
  • internal antenna
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