BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta’ rendering and specs leak online

Ian Hardy

February 16, 2014 2:50pm

BlackBerry and Foxconn have been rumoured to unveil their first collaboration during Mobile World Congress in a couple weeks. This is expected to be the “Jakarta” that will launch in emerging markets this coming April or May.

Specs have surfaced in the past of this all-touch device, but a new render that goes by the official name of the Z3 brings truth to the rumours. The overall design looks to be a scaled down Z10 and sports a similar textured backing.

Display: 5inch 540 x 960 pixels, 24-bit color LCD display
Memory: 8 GB application storage and 1.5 GB RAM
Processor: 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
Battery: 2650 mAh non-removable battery
Camera: 5MP rear-facing camera with Autofocus and flash, 5x digital zoom
Camera: 1.1 MP front-facing camera with 3x digital zoom

It’s also interesting to note that, if this image is true, the apps on the home screen are both Canadian-based Cineplex and Yellow Pages. BlackBerry did state that the relationship with Foxconn is only a hardware-based and the OS is strictly built out of Waterloo.

Update: A few new images of the Z3 has surfaced online and shows off all the angles. It’s also now rumoured that this entry-level BlackBerry 10 device will retail for $150.


Source: BBin
Via: N4BB (2)


    This is great and all, but when are they gonna release a high end device? I love blackberry, and I think their UI is so fresh and unique, but these specs are so unappealing to me.

    • r0v3rT3N

      It is for emerging markets.

    • Sweet

      I expect their high-end devices to be released near the anniversaries of the Q10 and Z30 releases.

  • Michel El-Asmar

    The device looks good…better be well priced. This may be a turning point for blackberry…maybe with a low cost phone people may give BB10 a chance and test it out to see if they like the OS

    • Alejandro Díaz

      It’ll be under $200 but only available in Indonesia(I guess if it’s successful they’ll release it in other emerging markets as well).

    • Supa_Fly

      no real point, considering the Z1 has higher specs and already at that price point under subsidy.

      You do NOT pollute your markets with same priced devices with varying specs. That is shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Alejandro Díaz

      I live in Venezuela, our carriers don’t do subsidies, I’m sure this is the case in a lot of places.

    • Alejandro Díaz

      I live in Venezuela, our carriers don’t do subsidies, I’m sure this is the case in a lot of places.

    • Subliminal7X

      Yep, that is the case especially in emerging markets. I’m in the Caribbean and though the Post paid price is lower than Pre-paid deals, Carriers generally don’t offer the big subsidies seen in N. America, Europe etc. People generally sell off their phones and buy what they want, when they want… and unlock them to use with whoever they want. But of course, it calls for a bigger upfront cost.

    • Supa_Fly

      I stand corrected … many thanks.

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      looks like LG’s L series but just bigger, and still ugly.

  • Rich

    Would love to see BB partner up with Amazon in terms of getting Amazon App Store access.
    We know it’s unlikely that Google would team up with BB.

    • MO

      with 10.2.1, you can have access to Amazon App Store already

    • Supa_Fly

      You had access to this on 10.2.0, Android 4.0 non-google-services apps will work. Mostly on Z series devices.

      Also the resolution is NOT standard and way off … doesn’t work in BB10 so I know these specs are fake.

      BB10 standard resolutions (thus far) as dictated to developers are:

    • deltatux

      Android apps, designed with Holo UX guidelines are resolution-free. They scale on any and all resolutions. They’re only limited based on DPI.

    • Supa_Fly

      So is BB10 … 2 specific API’s are available since BB10.1 SDK. 😀

    • blzd

      720×720 is correct, but they have no 1024×768 phone. 1280×720 would be the other resolution (z10, z30).

    • Ali F.

      Out of context, I installed Amazon on my Moto G and Samsung S3, and to my surprise it was in Japanese. I tried everything to make it english but could not. I even called Amazon and they stayed with me one hour without success.

    • quardron

      Snap >>>>>>> Amazon app store.

    • Sweet

      With 10.2.1 you can go to the Amazon site and download and install their appstore app for Android. Once the Amazon appstore app is installed you can browse and buy their Android apps. I installed the appstore app, but haven’t downloaded any Android apps yet.

    • Subliminal7X

      There is already a native BB10 app called Search for Amazon. It is by S4BB and you’d actually swear it was a native Amazon client. It’s actually a very good app available on the Blackberry World.
      Oh… now that I read your post properly…. Amazon APP Store… Ok, agreed.

    • Garry Shearer

      amazon apps are available as well as imobile

  • coxon

    “BlackBerry did state that the relationship with Foxconn is only a hardware-based and the OS is strictly built out of Waterloo.” Does Foxconn make software? What the hell is that about?

  • stevedion

    We are due for a high end speced BB10 device. Cannot go over 14 months without a premium device. I love my Z30 but am longing for another smaller Z and or a new Q10.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Remember a few things first…

      1. The company is back in rebuilding mode since Chen took over.

      2. The “Jakarta” was stated to be the first device to launch after Chen’s takeover.

      3. Chen stated that a high end device is coming and that it will be a QWERTY device.

      My guess is that thugs are in the works to have a successor to the Q10 that has a larger screen and a physical keyboard that will satisfy both parties. I would like to believe they take the Z10 and pop a physical keyboard on it. That would be best IMO.

    • Sweet

      Now that the Z30 has been released, I doubt BB would be using the Z10 as a basis for the Q10 successor. I’ll bet that the Q10 successor will be at least as good (in terms of specs) as the Z30. In other words, they’ll base the Q10 successor on the Z10 successor. That’s my guess.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Sorry, when I said use the Z10, I was only referring to the screen size.

    • Sweet

      Oh. I thought you meant specs.

    • Supa_Fly

      Mr. Chen has NEVER specifically stated that a High End device is coming that will be QWERTY! Where did you come up with this? He stated that BlackBerry will focus on QWERTY more than touch screen.

    • wahwah

      To sum up plazmics long winded answer, it ain’t gonna happen. At least not in your lifetime.

    • Garry Shearer

      the z30 is amazing phone, the OS is super and can only get better

  • Katie Ward

    One mistake that I see upfront is to create an advanced device like this and make the battery non-removable. This defies logic, in my opinion. Many hard core users (myself NOT included) like to have a back-up battery on hand to pop in when needed, in order to remain completely mobile and not tied to a plugged in charger. I do hope BlackBerry reconsiders this choice.

    • John Peters

      I think hardcore users would be buying the Q10, which has the removable battery.

    • Katie Ward

      That’s a lame comparison. A new, advanced device should never go backwards in any form. Hard core users expect advancement, not limitations. My Z10 has a removal battery; it seems to reason that future, more ADVANCED devices would offer to he same basic offering.

    • 2dfx

      Sigh and of course you’re missing the point.

      This device ISN’T for you. It’s for the South Asian markets where this price point and feature set make sense.

      The superior device you’re looking for is coming.

    • Supa_Fly

      No they wouldn’t. It means more costly development for a self contained battery, more parts in the chipset for the smartphone. Apple has proved this as well as HTC, Dell has along with Apple and now Lenovo in their laptops!

      Case is you get two benefits with non removable battery: Larger battery (no unneeded parts), and full warranty coverage – batteries usually have 90/120 days not the full 1yr warranty on most smartphones.

    • Matt

      Hardcore users of smartphones would not be buying a blackberry. They’d buy a high end Android cause hardcore users need their apps and games. Which Blackberry lacks of

    • Garry Shearer


    • wahwah

      The thing is this is FAR from an advanced device. In fact its specs resemble older BlackBerry devices more than today’s mobile phones.

    • Katie Ward

      You are, sadly, correct. Upon further review of this device, it does not deserve “advanced” status. Still, John Peter’s assertion that only Q10 users are hard core users is beyond lame.

    • wahwah

      Since the iPhone came into the “smartphone” scene (and all development since sans blackberry), I’d say that hardcore+bb user does not equal hardcore user, unless you mean hardcore junky who can’t let his dieing something or other go. Not a whole lot of hardcore going on in a bb device when compared to everything else out there or what users can accomplish with everything else.

    • Supa_Fly

      Define “hardcore” … are we in Gr5 here using that random word without it’s reference? what is a hardcore user to you?!

    • Supa_Fly

      This wasn’t ever supposed to be an advanced device. Never. It is exactly as Mr. Chen stated – a low end device for emerging markets (he stated this within 2mths on the job back in December).

    • wahwah

      Your missing the point son. NO BlackBerry device is capable of the things that can be accomplished in say and iOS or android device. Not even close.

    • Katie Ward

      I don’t need access to a million apps. That is iOS’s main marquee. I bet you have never even operated a BlackBerry Z10, Z30 or Q10 up close and personal to see all of the AMAZING things it can do. You, therefore, have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Shocker.

    • wahwah

      Don’t be so clueless Missy. I wasn’t speaking out my bumbum for funfun ya know. Serious work and play cannot be accomplished on ANY BlackBerry. Period. End of story.

    • Supa_Fly

      Then you work as an artist or a joke level 1 type position, where you play all day long hoping to be canned. That is unless you’re joking.

    • Supa_Fly

      So you’re saying a BB cannot:
      Access a full HTML site as intended by the site admin?
      Access a few android apps in parallel to running BB10 (that’s something neither iOS/Android can do they one 1 OS 1 runtime).
      Access Flash based sites (very few Android apps can do that)
      Access 128bit AES encrypted Email, Contacts, Calendar from an Exchange Server? (oops you need NitroDesk to do that on just about 90% of Android devices, hmmm)
      Modify just the time laps to match the rest of the picture (oops only Android can with add-on app)

      Ooooh, you mean the plethora of web-site service based applications … ah yes indeed those applications are not available, yet on BB10 – but the browser can access about 90% of them just like on other BB devices so … whats your point?!! Website services such as Instagram (specific mention here) are being setup to be purposely blocked due to the BB10 User Agent identifying it. Don’t worry I’m sure BlackBerry is working on having BB10 Native Browser allow to have user accessible user agent to mimic the others. Many of those apps are WebApps containered into a native app of iOS/Android.

    • rd0t

      The non-removable battery is to save on product costs. This device is for emerging markets only.

  • Plazmic Flame

    This device will serve people well. If anyone recalls their experience with a Galaxy Note 2, this “Jakarta” device has a higher resolution on a smaller display so it should look good.

    Also, is the battery bigger than what’s found in the Z10??

    • Subliminal7X

      If those specs are accurate, that is a lower end processor with a batter almost the size of the one in the Z30 ! If my Z30 goes 2 and a half days without charging, this low ender should go for a while !

  • PT

    That’s a beauty! Way to go BB!

  • deltatux

    Actually, they should do what they did with the Q5 and launch this elsewhere too as a budget BlackBerry device. I know people who would love these devices here in Canada.

  • Nadefrenzy


  • Anthony G.

    might be the best blackberry ever produced (hardware wize) after the Bold 9000.

  • Roger Mihalko

    Make a a 5 inch or better screen with better resolution, a keyboard, a removal battery, and that would be a winner.

    • WhoCares1000

      And it would a flagship which is not the market this phone is created for.
      It will/should be $200 tops for emerging countries.

  • ranzid


  • Divya Mishra

    wow.. great phone from blackberry… what will be approx price

    • Divya Mishra

      in India???