Nexus 5 slightly redesigned, brings larger speaker holes and buttons


Looks like LG and Google have heard the complaints of some users and decided to slightly redesign the Nexus 5 — this is exactly the same fate the Nexus 4 experienced. This time around, users complained about poor speaker quality and that the ceramic volume rocker and power button made a rattling noise. This newly manufactured Nexus 5 has shipped and owners have reported that it now comes with a larger speaker holes, plus the volume and power button are noticeably thicker. Overall, these changes should provide a better experience for $350.

Have a look at our Nexus 5 review here.



Source: XDA
Via: Engadget, TalkAndroid

  • Eric Tang

    This is a stupid question but how do I know if I have the new version of the phone??

    • Rhett H

      If you’ve ordered in the last week or two you have the second version. There is a reason the pictures were provided…

    • Taz Barighzaai

      If the serial code is x11xxxx you got the newer one

    • Eric Tang

      Thank you…

    • Unorthodox

      Hm no… x11 has been shipping for a long time now – check out XDA.

    • Bri

      Thank you kind sir. You will have my like.

    • Jolly Smith

      So whats new in Nexus 5 instead of other? Is it better than Samsung Galaxy 4 and Sony Xperia Z1 ?

      via: codingbrains dot com

    • Bri

      this is almost an open ended question.. it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to buy the phone outright, Nexus 5 is definitely a good choice since it’s almost half the price of the other two.

    • jon

      xperia z1 and nexus 5 are very similar they have the same cpu. and ram the z1 has a 20mp camera and nexus 5 has a 8mp cam. it is a upgrade from the n4

    • eatrice

      Don’t waste your time replying to a bot.

  • jac

    What the? What abt the ppl got the old version? They should issue a recall then if they admit there’s an issue. Damn.

    • Ugslick

      It isn’t an ‘issue’. It’s a slight design improvement. That’s what happens with everything, early adopters get it early, but there could still be improvements.

  • yankeesusa

    If my nexus is less than a month old id be complaining and demanding an exchange

  • Nachotech

    This is great news. I’m planning on getting a Nexus 5 in March but the one issue that concerned me was the poor speaker quality. Hopefully this solves this problem. Now all I need is a price drop in March, and I’ll be one happy camper!

    • Bri

      Did they bring down the price of N4 in march this year? I shall wait then..

  • Jeff Slater

    Wow, way to screw your early adopters, Google…

    • yankeesusa

      Exactly. If this news becomes mainstream they may be forced to do something.

    • Hungrier

      I doubt it. They released a redesigned Nexus 4 with bumps on the back, and nobody really cared, although there were articles about it all over tech news sites.

    • Bri

      I agree but this seems like a bigger issue than N4.

    • Joseph

      I have an older model and it seems just fine since 4.4.2 so I really could care less lol

    • Samuel Oh

      could “not” care less
      you know, you care so little about it to the point where you can literally not care any less about it. Could care less means that you care enough about it that there is still a wiggle room to care less about it. Get it?

    • Joseph

      LOL yes I get it, I think I post that in around 2am, so I was extremely tired at that point in time.

    • WalkinOnBottles

      I agree but that’s what you sign up for as an early adopter of any tech. Besides those that still have their N5 are probably extremely happy with it so no one is actually getting screwed over.

    • Jeff Slater

      Of course, though IMO if you release a defective product and then fix it a few weeks later, you should really be recalling the first version.

    • Ugslick

      Is it defective? It’s not. This is a tiny design improvement. It’s hardly going to fix anything more than slight annoyances.

    • Ugslick

      ‘Defective’ only because you want something to complain about. They could choose to keep it the same, and ignore it. But they changed it up slightly for the benefit of NEW customers, without any detriment to previous purchasers.

    • Ugslick

      Hmm, I thought I was speaking to the same guy I originally replied to. Sorry for that, my tone was out of place in the last post. But I hardly think the upgrade would render your N5s obsolete.

    • Pete Isaacs

      “Defective”? Really?
      Now if they did something major like replaced the actual speaker with a more powerful one, then I might be feeling screwed over.
      This isn’t a major revision of the phone…it’s a tweak.

    • Bri

      Just get a replacement later. I got my replacement before for my N4 and it was pretty easy. I only had to send my old one back after getting the shipment so that was cool.

    • gommer strike

      …Early adopters are exactly that – those on the bleeding edge. Google isn’t the first, nor will be the last when it comes to releasing revisions of same product line. Think about your common household tools and appliances. When the vendor quietly introduces revision 2 of your iron, does that mean that they should recall all of revision 1? No. This happens all the time.

  • Guest

    I got the phone on Dec 4th. I called Google. They won’t exchange it because it’s beyond the 15-day period. Sleezy move Google. I expected more.

    • Dizz

      Sorry, I wrote the wrong date. Tried to delete the comment but it wouldn’t let me. Reposted below. I’m definately beyond 15 days. But again, if they admit there was a problem, they should exchange the units from people who complain about it at the very least. It hasn’t been a long time at all.

    • Jerry Only

      Don’t expect nothing from Google… What I suggest you do is make a warranty claim forcing Google to take your old one back in turn sending you the new model. Good luck!

    • Bri

      I’d be pretty upset too but nothing much you can do about this I guess..

    • jon

      4 to today the 13th is not 15 days

  • Dizz

    I got the phone in late Novmeber. I called Google. They won’t exchange it because it’s beyond the 15-day period. Sleezy move Google. I expected more.

    • Pmay

      I called in an was offered a replacement phone…my phone had buzzing speakers…i ordered the day of release, I received my phone on Nov 7 :)


    I expect my original Nexus 5 to be replaced with a newly manufactured model then. Way to screw over early adopters google!!!

    • GQDRU

      The speaker issue is just that…. An issue for users like me that still make and take calls on a device. As an individual in the technology field that has the ability to recommend solutions to 1000′s of customers, they want to keep people like me happy. Ask Blackberry execs how many large Canadian corporations I advised to make the switch after they refused to replace my defective P’9981

    • Hungrier

      “Ask Blackberry execs how many large Canadian corporations I advised to make the switch after they refused to replace my defective P’9981″

      There couldn’t possibly be any other reason why Blackberry is in the toilet.

    • Jakob

      How long did it take you to build that self-constructed ego podium you’re standing on?

    • Matt

      No guys, he’s a really big deal. I hope he doesn’t make Google go bankrupt next.

    • rd0t

      Lol.. is this guy for real? No one has to do anything to make you happy. As an individual in the technology field, you should know early adopters take a risk with first batch products. And I’m sure you’re the reason companies switched.. get over yourself.

  • Brebu

    Stop bitching and complaining for everything. There’s nothing wrong with the first edition, hence no need for recalls. Get a life!

    • Unorthodox

      If rattling buttons wasn’t a reason sufficient for warranty replacement, then it shouldn’t be a reason for recall. Like what did you expect from something made by LG. Just a note: I am a happy user of N5, but I have no illusion that this particular manufacturer would deliver something outworldly perfect for a very slim margin.

    • Brebu

      Aaaaaand here you are bitching and complaining about something else. I really don’t have time for this, do whatever you want but with “early adopters like you” Google will soon turn into apple. Get a life!

    • Frederic St-Pierre

      Life gotten! Thank you sir! I even got it on special!

  • Owen Finn

    Early reports seem to suggest the changes are cosmetic only.

  • Tyler Hardeman

    I just looked at two different N5′s I have near me. One ordered on launch day has bigger buttons than one ordered last week, and the speaker hole sizes are idenrical.

    It likely has nothing to do with a “redesign” and is more about different phones being manufactured on different assembly lines.

    • Matt

      Or they updated the button design earlier than the speaker holes. Having repaired dozens of iPhones, individual parts get “revisions” more so than the phone itself.

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Don’t see any difference from the pictures nor do I have any issues with my phone but that’s just me :-)

  • Ryan

    sold my Nexus 5 on kijiji because of those two issues, great phone but shoddy quality control and inferior design to the N4. Gonna see how I like iPhone for the next few months, may the dislikes commence.

    • Jerry Only

      You dumped the Nexus for the iPhone because shoddy quality control… Makes no sense.

    • Ryan

      Yeah it does. I’ve never owned an iPhone and it’s good to to try new things, even if they’re old!

    • Jakob

      Yes it does. The man wasn’t content with the quality of his purchase which is proven by this re-manufacture. It just doesn’t make sense to you because you hate the iPhone.

    • Unorthodox

      Gotta love down-vote button. Allows to avoid feeding trolls, while giving some form of satisfaction.

  • Matt

    My speaker is still exceptionally low after the 4.4.2 update. I’m going to see if Google will RMA it. Maybe they’ll send me a newer one?

  • Ryster1

    I have the older version and with the 4.4.2 update, the speaker is quite loud and I am satisfied. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones? It’s a great phone, especially for almost half the price.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    That’s why I never get a phone when it first comes out. Let the impatient ones be the guinea pigs :-)

  • Pete Isaacs

    This is the life of the early adopter…I’m not complaining. The larger holes would be nice, but it’s not like it will make a big difference.
    The larger buttons I couldn’t care less about.

    • Frederic St-Pierre

      Glass screwdriver in each hole, turn two times, bigger holes! WIN!

      Seriously, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    • Pete Isaacs

      I agree…this isn’t a big design change, and yes you could even drill the hole bigger as you suggested. Although I don’t think the larger holes are going to make much of a difference anyway.
      The speaker is one of areas they cut corners. For me, that’s just fine. For $399 I’m not going to expect everything to be perfect!

  • Ramzay

    This really depends on what your definition of “defective” is. To me, defective means it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work properly. Are those buttons annoying? Yes. Do they still work? Yes.

    And the very, very small increase in the speaker hole size is just that: very small.

    You can’t realistically expect Google/LG to actually recall and replace each and every N5 sold over the past few months because of these two “fixes”. It’s simply not financially viable.

    Would it be classy for them to offer some sort of compensation to those with the first-gen version? Absolutely (I myself bought 2). Do I actually expect them to do it? Not at all.

    • Jakob

      You are a gentleman, sir.

  • Ro Tep

    Google and LG, how about the removable battery and micro sd slot? Two things that they should also improve in order to make this phone a must buy. I dont mind paying an extra for having thise features added seriously.

  • mwahahahaha

    Hole envy….hey look at that guys holes, hahaha my holes are bigger than your holes….suckerz…lol

  • Matt

    As I recall Honda DID offer a larger than usual discount on a 2013 for owners of a 2012 Civic… not that many people took advantage of it, but Honda did say “oops”.

  • jon

    This is dumb you can hardly tell the difference early adopters have to deal with speaker issues and new people get the updated model kinda unfair. But since 4.2.2 i find the speak louder i have not issue with my nexus 5 sine 4.2.2. Now wheres lolliepop

  • canucks4life

    I called up Google support and have requested an RMA. I didn’t pay $463.87 for an inferior product. Lesson learned…I’ll never order on launch day again.

    • Henry

      As I mentioned in my other post, the N5 I received yesterday still has the same speaker grill as the others I ordered on launch day. I don’t see the problem

    • canucks4life

      My power button rattles big time as well which is a known issue…if my replacement does the same it is going right back. Scheduled for delivery Mon.

    • Henry

      Ok, if it’s a problem then you have every right to get it exchanged. Seems to me though a lot of people are sour over issues that weren’t even issues before we heard news of a revision.

  • Tom

    This is why I’m never an early adopter of hardware, unlike with video games where I’ve preordered on Steam quite a few times.

    With software, you know a fix will roll out soon enough and it won’t cost a thing.

    With hardware, even warranty coverage still means having to waste time, gas, and postage to mail the damn thing back to the manufacturer.

    I never bought any new consoles until 2-3 years after launch, and I always buy the “best of the last gen” when shopping for video cards. Stability + low prices ftw :)

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying my N4 and am in no rush to get the N5 (but should I lose or break my N4, I know exactly what I am buying!)

  • Wild

    Let me know when they upgrade the speaker or better yet add an extra one.

    • Henry

      There’s an HTC One for people that want actual good sound. All other phones sound weak in comparison.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I think I have the 1st Gen Nexus 5 32GB. It would have been better if the showed some side view pics of the button. You can’t really tell that much difference with a front view of the button.

  • Nosorry

    So is the loudspeaker actually louder in recised version?

  • blzd

    Said in this in XDA forums and I’ll say it here. I don’t see any difference there and I don’t think they revised anything. If there is a slight (and i mean slight) difference in size it could just be margin of error in manufacturing.

    That being said 4.2.2 fixed the speaker, vibration, camera and other issues via software. Some people with the latest phone are still getting wiggled buttons.

  • Ugslick

    That acknowledgement would probably be even more of a tease :P Hey guys, we appreciate your support in being early adopters, we have a new hardware revision out! Buy a new one! Oh, no, sorry we won’t exchange for the older one you bought earlier.

  • Henry

    I just got my fourth N5 and the speaker grill is still exactly the same as the first. Buttons wiggle a little bit less but I never noticed it as a problem anyway.

  • Jay

    Just spoke with Google from the play store, as I bought mine when it first came out. There has been no change at all in the Nexus 5. The representative actually found it funny and said he had read those rumors, too, but that they are untrue.

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