BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices with QWERTY keyboard to be distributed after January 30th announcement

Daniel Bader

January 17, 2013 9:40pm

For those potential users and developers waiting to see what will happen with the inevitable BlackBerry X10, a QWERTY-equipped phone based on the BB10 operating system, developer versions will be distributed after the January 30th announcement of the Z10.

This comes from RIM spokesperson Victoria Berry stressed that the SDK, or software developer kit, will be made available to developers once the full-touch BlackBerry 10 device is revealed. The QWERTY-equipped variant will have a different screen resolution than its rectangular counterpart and will necessitate some reworking by developers if they want to provide the same experience.

These developer devices, called Dev Alpha C, will be given to developers in the weeks following the big reveal on January 30th, less than two weeks from now. RIM is promising 70,000 BlackBerry 10-compatible apps at launch, though there is no word on how many of them will work with the X10 — also known as the N-Series — out of the box.

The BlackBerry Z10 is expected to have a 16:9 ratio, with a resolution of 1280×768, while the X10 is expected to have a 1:1 ratio at 720×720. This will require a small retooling of certain apps, and a larger reworking for games that default to a 16:9.

RIM is pushing very hard to get its development community to port apps and games to BlackBerry 10. It’s been running online events called Port-A-Thons, where devs can obtain help from seasoned RIM employees and volunteers to optimize their software for the new platform. Each approved app earns the developer $100, up to $2000 per person. While this engenders a tendency for promoting quantity over quality, it’s also giving developers an opportunity to earn some much-needed cash from the exhaustive time spent converting existing apps to the nascent operating system. RIM is likely to do a similar due diligence for the X10, whenever it is announced.

While RIM is certainly emphasizing large touchscreen devices as the future of BlackBerry 10, it hasn’t– and likely never will — abandoned its core group of keyboard-loving users. The BlackBerry X10 looks to be a natural replacement for the millions of Bold 9000 and 9900 users, many of whom are tired of the BB7 OS but rely on its secure network and excellent keyboard for work or communication.

Source: FP

  • Ronell

    Awesome… I think it was key to seperate the keyboard and qwerty versions. RIM lost the market to touch screen so It would make sense to take some back first before they start selling the QWERTY phones.

    • REDRUM

      I’m most excited about the Blackberry HUB. All messages from all kinds of apps in one place seems really convenient. It will save a lot of hassle (RIP RIM jokes aside :))

    • WP74Life

      I thought I was a troll but “twosee” raise the bar!

    • Just sayin

      Twosee needs a girlfriend

  • Alibaba

    Article states “Secure network” is something we will have to see as BB10 will use Activesync and pop/imap platform like playbook so no compression or security unless RIM decided to pass through their existing network that BIS goes through?


    The same articles over and over and over…god. Everyone will be sick of blackberry even before these pieces of crap come out!

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Actually were sick of you and Twosee’s childish comments

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      Learn to approach women and talk to them normally. Hounding them for dates comes across as desparate. That’s not appealing to them.

  • Sweet

    The Panda phone. I wonder how the black-on-white colour scheme will do. I don’t recall any other phone trying that colour combo before, so it’s hard to tell if it will succeed or not. We’ll see.

  • Jeeby

    I am hoping that among the entire line-up of BB10 devices, there will be a Torch-like touchscreen/QWERTY combo.

    • Alex

      I second that. I rather fond of the slider-style Torch. I know it’s not the most popular due to its relative heftiness and thickness that is inherent in the slider design, but it’s nice to have the larger screen with the ability to use a physical keyboard when you need it.

  • Paid Schill

    Honestly, the constant coverage of BB10 ‘news’ draws your journalistic objectivity into question. At least admit this is paid schilling!

  • happyboy

    I wood like to see if blackberry has what I want and need wants are Skype Netflix games and music and videos what I need is email instant messaging good camera hop blackberry can address this we will just have to see hop blackberry makes a come back

    • hoo dat

      The Skype icon appeared on the Dev Alpha units after the latest update, so it’s on its way, but still no word on Netflix. I don’t use either service but I used to use Netflix Canada up until the summer of last year, the selection sucked. Even Netflix US is not worth the price of admission as far as I’m concerned, but each to their own, I guess.


    Hey look, Twosee figured out copy and paste.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    RIM at $15.70.

  • Dave

    QWERTY-equipped phone and Farts apps!

    Welcomes to 1993 RIM!

  • Paul

    RIM stock climbing…apple stock sinking. I think some people are far more excited about Waterloo right now vs Cupertino

  • Matt Polkiewicz

    Hopefully the keyboard is amazing. Once released, this will be one of the only high-end devices with a keyboard on the market