Google redesigns its Android Developer Portal before Google I/O

Daniel Bader

June 21, 2012 2:46pm

Google’s Android Developer Portal has been updated prior to Google I/O next week as it attempts to make things easier on users to “Design, Develop and Distribute” their apps. The new webpage looks great, and even incorporates some of the same design tenets that the company brought into Android with Ice Cream Sandwich, particularly Roboto typography and a three-dot menu button.

As the market grows for Android devices, Google can no longer risk losing developers to competing platforms; having an accessible web page with quick access to the SDK, NDK, design guidelines and more is a step in the right direction.

Source: Android Developers
Via: TNW

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  • Mike

    … that’s a pretty slick wallpaper in the picture of the article. Does anyone have a high res version of it I could use on my GNex?


    • Tim henderson

      I have it, I have the jpeg

  • Mike

    Tim, can you upload it to or something, keeping its full size? Thanks.

    • Tim henderson

      Sure, i will post a link on here, give me a few then check back

  • Mike

    Any luck?