TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to ICS expected on July 13th

Ian Hardy

June 16, 2012 8:11am

TELUS is very consistant at communicating the “expected in market date” of when various devices will receive an OS update. Right on track is a refresh of their “Device OS Upgrade schedule” and those with the Samsung Galaxy Note, BlackBerry Bold 9790, Nokia Lumia 800, and LG Optimus 7 can be excited as your devices will be graced with a new OS soon:

HTC Desire HD OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is July 25th
LG Optimus LTE OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is Mid July
Samsung Galaxy Note OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is July 13th
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is Late July
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is August (was previously Late July)

– BlackBerry Bold 9790 upgrade to OS 7.1 “Expected in market date” is June 11th

– No Updates Currently Planned.

Windows Phone:
– LG Optimus L7 upgrade is MRC3 and expected “Expected in market date” June 20th
– Nokia Lumia 800 upgrade is MRC3/bug fixes and expected “Expected in market date” July 13th

Overall a good update on updates, a bit of love for Ice Cream Sandwich, BlackBerry OS 7.1 and the battery/bug fixes to Windows Phone.

Source: TELUS

  • Tank11

    I held that thing to my ear once, and looked like a total clown. It definitely works better as a tablet.

    • Nathen

      Really ?
      A total Clown ? ….whats that ? like a notch up from A clown.

      I see people use it everyday where I work and eat lunch and it looks fine.
      Maybe your head and hands are like TINY and this might be why you look ODD, OR maybe you truly are a CLOWN and just loving talking crap !
      What a Troll. $100 says he is an Isheep user.

  • ace

    Apple… “IOS”hucks FORGOT TO UPGRADE ANYTHING…maybe next time? hahaha call it an upgrade and charge double for it… nice try… doing it with your iphones 3G-3GS, 4-4S and now with your macbooks geez

    • iSheep2.0

      IOS 6 is being released in the fall at no cost.

  • Marco Riding

    I really like how Telus appears to focused on thier customers. I hope the other big telcos follow suit.

  • Shamu

    TELUS .. nice job keeping us peeps on the front line updated on the upgrade schedules. It does reallllllly help. Every Note customer I have sold the phone to loves it and are looking forward to the upgrade. The only problem with the Note is ACCESSORIES. We don’t have any. The flip cover is a must buy and we just can’t get them. What gives?

    • Tony the Telus Guy (TTTG)

      Shamu.. send a message to your RM and he/she will forward to the right people internally. I hear you loud and clear about accessories. I am sporting the orange cover on my Note and your are right, it is a must buy. Let’s hope Sammy upgrades all the carriers at the same time instead of always helping Bell first. Are you listening Sammy? We like your phones, just keep us all on a level playing field.


  • shaggyskunk

    And rogers! Sucks! Telecom without Communication skills! What a Joke! These clowns even offered me tickets to the Samsung Galaxy slll launch event in Montreal. But they fail to deliver to their customers.

  • matt

    I hate telus right now, i doubt ill ever go with them again, worst of the worst. Im a prepaid smartphone user and they reduce their $20 plan from 250mb of data to 10mb without changing anything else, hello rogers and bell, even though rogers coverage sucks here in newfoundland

  • Pewz

    In the article, why is LG Optimus L7 listed as a WP? If I’m not mistaken it’s an Android device?

  • Sumit

    Under Windows Phones, it is LG Optimus 7 instead of Optimus L7. L7 is Android based phone.


    @Tony The Telus Guy, sorry to tell you but I talked to Bell & the ICS update for the GALAXY NOTE is scheduled to roll out OTA by the end of this month, so by the end of JUNE. I asked 2 different Tech Support ppl at Bell, one last week and one yesterday so its looking like Bell Mobilitys June release is still a go as of yesterday afternoon. Let just keep our fingers crossed because either provider releasing it just means that the others are right around the corner. – KID ANDROID.

  • Goombah

    Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Telus have a data issue. Mine is burning up data like crazy and Telus is great about it telling me continue using the phone and not worry about the over usages as a note is on file and there will not be extra charges. Apparently I’m not the only one, anybody hear or have the same problem?

    Let me know!

  • HR

    This is why I like Telus.
    There server and support are the best .
    So happy I left Rogers.

  • Omega

    First it was end of March. No update. End of April. No update. End of June.

    As far as Telus is concerned, it’s always “the end of the current month” before Note gets ICS. Jellybean is out today.

    Can we expect to get that?


    We definitely won’t be seeing Jelly Bean on the Note as the next update or at least I sure as hell hope not because the NEXUS devices have to get it first & they aren’t scheduled to receive Jelly Bean till what mid to late July. That would mean we wouldn’t see the note getting an update till August. As Jelly Bean is 4.1 would we need to get 4.0 first & then jelly Bean would just be an add on to that? If Bell sticks to their word which we haven’t heard of it being pushed back again yet then us Bell Note users will see ICS today or tomorrow. Do they ever begin pushing updates on the weekend? Come on release the update so I can stop regretting not getting the GALAXY S3 lol. – KID ANDROID.