Galaxy Nexus accessories pop up in Fido’s inventory

Ian Hardy

January 7, 2012 8:57am

Earlier this week there was an onslaught of Galaxy Nexus news. Seemed every carrier was given the green light to say the Android OS 4.0 powered device was “coming soon”. In some form or another we heard from Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Mobilicity, WIND, SaskTel and Videotron. We even had internal doc stating that Rogers and Fido will be releasing it on January 10th, but Samsung Canada themselves tweeted that “Rogers and Telus will begin carrying the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung starting January 13th!”… which gave no word of availability from Fido . Today we have a bit more info on a Fido launch as accessories have popped up in their inventory system, which always leads an imminent release. Unfortunately, no official word on prices, but we’re hearing it’ll come in at $600 outright and $160 on contract.

We’ll have more info soon!
(Thanks tipster!)

  • Beso

    whats that item that costs $1000 dollars?!

    • Spot The Loon

      The $1000 fee is to end your contract early. 😉

  • Sean

    That’s $50 less off contract =D

  • Alex Perrier

    The problem is that Fido has roughly the same three-year contracts as the Big 3, and that plans like CityFido or Canada-Wide are either tricky or impossible to get with the three-year contracts.

    i’m happy Fido has a couple Androids for two-years only. It’s too bad that they’re cheap, prepaid-friendly budget Androids. :S

  • EmperumanV

    Got my extended battery + cover + USB battery charger in the mail yesterday 🙂

    Next would be an SGP Neo hybrid case 🙂

  • Roger

    I have a Sena UltraSlim case and a Genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus on order. Hopefully they arrive this week!

    Undecided about what screen protector to get, but I have a cheap temp one for now.

  • T1MB1T

    why is fido getting this! WIND has yet to receive one. Tony is using a Virgin one so he can test to see if it is suitable for our network! soon we will have at and you all will be begging!

    any questions ask me! I know it all for wind!

  • HS

    Fido will have it for sure on Fri Jan 13. I have called their customer relation department yesterday and talked to an agent for more than 30 minutes to get myself a deal on the plan.

    She confirmed that the phone will be out on Friday, and its 160 for a 3 year contract. During the 3 year contract time, you will need to maintain a at least $50 voice+data plan (any combination, $35 city fido + $30 6GB works, excl any add-on).

    • Me

      When I called fido they told me the 10th. 160 on a 3 year, 600 outright. Since I’m currently not in a contract and on the company retention plan, I was able to get them to let me keep my plan when I get this phone tomorrow. Retention plan + fido dollars + 3 year contract and I’m payin 47/mo and 20$ for the phone.