Facebook for Android updated, gets sleek new look and much faster speeds

Daniel Bader

December 7, 2011 9:21pm

Facebook for Android has always been one step behind of its iOS counterpart, aesthetically and functionally, but with a new update the two are almost at parity.

The update focuses on three major areas: cleaning up the interface, making photos much faster to access, and giving messages and notifications priority in every screen. Furthermore there is an always-accessible left-hand menu incase you want to return to your news feed, or to any particular area of Facebook quickly and simply.

The full changelog is below:

– Menu on the side
   – You can quickly access your News Feed, Groups, games and apps from the new left-hand menu. The features you use most are now at your fingertips.

– Messages on top
   – Your messages and notifications are now at the top of your screen. You can respond to friends and stay updated without leaving the page you’re on.

– Photos get better
   – Photos and albums are up to two times faster than the previous Android app. It’s also easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions on the go.

Check out the update in the Android Marketplace.

Source: Facebook Blog
Via: Android and Me

  • Steven

    The big question for me is, does this update fix the app’s horrendous battery draw?

  • drodro

    You guys are so quick. The update just came out 5 minutes ago!

  • Sean

    This does not look all that good on android tablets not the major improvement i was hoping for… back to my usual facebook app

  • Moo

    It has not been “Updated”. The update hasn’t been released yet. Even worse, don’t provide a Market link saying “Check it out”. Quit getting my hopes up 🙁

    • Moo

      Ah, I’m an i***t. It is out now.

  • Jesse

    I actually removed my FB app a little while ago. I got one update and then it was running in the background on my Galaxy all the time. It was taking up 42 MB of ram whenever I went to take a look to see if it was running. I even had all notifications for it turned off. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know.

  • Victor

    ditto on not using the official app. i’ve been using friendcaster for a while. it can be slow at times (or maybe thats just my magic), but its definitely not as much as a memory hog

  • mark

    Still can’t move to SD card
    Still accesses without reason
    Still automatically signs me into chat without asking
    Still slow

    Yup, it’s still Facebook

  • EmperumanV

    Better to use the full site version on tablets or on cell phones. Flash support and such. Better experience imo

  • EmperumanV

    I have a question, whenever I update my status using my Facebook app for Android it says “via mobile”. It used to say “Via Facebook for Android” before. Will the new update fix that?

  • krstnlndsy

    Just tried it….it’s definitely improved but it is still facebook….

  • justwondering

    How about push notifications as opposed to 15-30 minute refresh times?

  • Stuntman

    I’ve tried it out on my phone and tablet. It is much improved and fixed some bugs. I actually like it. Only thing is that it is slow to launch and has no push notifications. For notifications I use FriendCaster.

  • Sead

    even though it’s a HOG I’m still sad that there is no update for Android 1.5 Users… always so late!

  • shaggyskunk

    The ONLY “updates” that fb should worry about are it’s Users PRIVACY and it’s SECURITY!! After all, does anyone really want to see Zuckerburg, in the raw?

  • shaggyskunk

    BTW, those photos of the nexus look great!

  • JL

    1) Using Android 4.01, the “missing” menu button was back now.
    2) It is still drawing a whopping 46 MB of memory
    3) No comment on battery drain yet, still too early to draw conclusion
    4) Still NOT able to sync with contacts with stock ICS.

  • Slype


    Not very good at designing phone apps
    Not very good with UI design on their site (Hi mySpace, I missed you!)
    Not very good at protecting your private information
    Not very good at lying to Congress (again, about privacy)

    At least you can give them points for consistency.

  • roxbury

    I have a double like/comment line under each status update on my newsfeed. The second line has a larger thumbs up and comment icon than the first. Why is this happening?