Lenovo to release 10.1″ 1.6Ghz Tegra 3 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich by end of 2011?

Daniel Bader

November 14, 2011 10:08am

Chalk this one to the rumour mill, but Engadget got their hands on a rendering of an upcoming Lenovo ICS device with a 1.6Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 10.1″ IPS display. Other additions are expected to be 2GB of RAM, a fingerprint sensor on the back that doubles as a joystick for movement, and a back camera. Apparently the tablet is also going to be thinner than any other Lenovo to date, of which there are two, the K1 and A1, and be more ruggedly made.

Whether Canada will be a launch market is unknown at this point — the other Lenovo devices seem to have come and gone — but we’ll hold out hope for this one.

Source: Engadget

  • Sean

    I really hope Asus includes the two gigs of ram… I love the transformer line…

    • David Dee

      Specs on the Asus Transformer 2 are showing 1gb of ram which I think is weak given what this chipset could offer. It will be interesting to see the weight, dimension and cost comparison of this device to the Transformer 2.

    • bob

      It won’t. But it will still be the best tablet when it will come out.

  • Marc

    Waaa, that is fast! But what is a quad-core 3 processor?

    • howitzer

      Tegra 3 is the name of the chipset

  • Danny

    2GB of RAM will get rid of most the choppiness I say. Not sure why they haven’t gone to 2GB ram sooner!

    • turtle

      Simple, all android specs up to and including honeycomb, specify max 1gb of memory. Hence it’s an o/s limitation. It’s unclear what max ram ics will support.

  • passerby


  • John

    Good! The faster more devices come out, the faster this tablet-fad will fade.

  • Stephen

    As long as they update my Thinkpad Tablet with all software improvements I won’t miss the new hardware…

  • Jake

    The tegra 3 is the successor to the tegra 2. The tegra 3 is a quad core processor.

  • bob

    I call bullshit on that 1.6 GHz clock frequency.

    • Dimitri K.

      How do you call bullshit on that tho :/ You have not used it so i really doubt you can call bullshit on that. You do realize that new phones / tablets will come out with higher end dual-core & quad-core processors..

      Technology is going higher for the phone sections & tablet sections. This is just the beginning.

    • bob

      Well Nvidia said that their Tegra 3 would be 1.3 GHz when all 4 cores are active, and 1.4 GHz with a single core.

      I don’t think Lenovo will overclock it.

  • They see me Trollin’, they Hatin’

    HAHA, tegra 2 was a fail.
    They couldn’t make it works because they’re too lazy to optimize it.
    Imagine tegra 3 ? FINALLY honeycomb with no lag ? HAHAHA

  • highpants=P

    Well androidandme called BS. Here is a quote on their reason:

    “With a Tegra 3 clocked at 1.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, this should be the fastest quad-core device we’ve seen yet. Both of those specs are a little suspect though. Engadget says the DDR3 RAM is clocked at 1600 MHz and the Tegra 3 product page says it supports DDR3 speeds up to 1500 MHz. The Transformer Prime also runs at 1.3 GHz in quad-core mode and up to 1.4 GHz in single-core mode, so it’s surprising to see Lenovo offer a device at 1.6 GHz.”

    Makes sense to me.

  • James

    The 2gb of RAM is a desirable specification which is where the ASUS PRIME appeared weak making the Lenovo worth waiting for instead of jumping on the ASUS Prime bandwagon.