Live from the Rogers TabLife event!

Ian Hardy

December 3, 2010 9:14am

Rogers has produced a half-day conference specifically on the topic of Tablets – it’s called TabLife. There are several key speakers that will be sharing their thoughts on how tablets are shaping our daily life and work. It’ll be interesting to hear what they say and more importantly what their predictions will be.Who will come out on top? Apple, RIM, Samsung, Dell?

Some of the topics include:
What’s Next for Tablets?: Duncan Stewart, Director, Deloitte Canada Research
Tablets in a Connected World: John Boynton – Executive Vice President, Marketing, Rogers Communications
Next is Now: Ron Hulse, Chief Convergence Officer, Samsung Canada & David Neale – Vice President of Special Projects, Research In Motion

: Duncan Stewart of Deliotte stated that the tablet market will reach be a $40 billion market by 2014 (100 million units)

John Boynton of Rogers just announced that they will be releasing the BlackBerry PlayBook “Early next year”!
Here’s the video:

From the Rogers press release: apps, data sharing plans:

“A tablet-optimized version of Rogers On Demand Online will feature hours of primetime TV, movies, sports, music and will adapt perfectly to a variety of tablet screen sizes and operating systems. In 2011, customers will be able to go online on any tablet free of charge to access Rogers On Demand as well as Rogers’ new Remote PVR service to set and manage recordings from any tablet, and smartphone anywhere, anytime… Rogers On Demand Online and Remote PVR for tablets will be available in early 2011”

“Rogers also announced new data sharing plans that enable customers to seamlessly and easily share data from one plan across multiple devices. With these new plans, customers can take their existing plans and apply a data sharing add-on for as low as an additional $15 per month.”

Check out the complete program here at TabLIfe
More soon!

  • Jay

    How about some decent data rate plans?

  • jarr

    shut up Jay

  • jay

    I’m a Rogers customer and I pay close to $100/month. A good friend of mine from the states pays nearly half of what I pay. I know there are other variables to consider, so come on now, lets not ingore the enormous elephant in the room.

  • Bong Sniffer

    @Jay – I hate paying a lot for mobile access too..but there are much much more variables that determine the pricing models. Market share being the most obvious, coverage propensity vs market penetration, network amortization blah blah blah…the reality is market size in Canada dictates the prices…we haven’t had the networks long enough to pay them off and the growth is not strong enough to support a reduction in price quite yet.

    • cheers

      you can make the same argument in the US, yet they only have 2 year contracts. I can bear with the price but seriously lower contract length

  • Canadianman20

    That was un-expected and very welcome. Only $15 to data share. That is honestly a great price.

  • wowgold

    Gush, I just lambaste 60 and am really short on gold for the treatment of my 60 epic land mount. I plot to purchase surrounding 500-1,000
    . Anyone recall of any to do so?