Microsoft says more Windows Phone 7 devices with hardware keyboards coming to Canada

Kate O'Brien

November 29, 2010 11:21am

Us Canadians have the following new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices: Rogers Samsung Focus, Bell LG Optimus Quantum and TELUS LG Optimus 7 and the HTC Surround. They are all touchscreen devices except for the Optimus Quantum by LG.

Before WP7 launched in Canada Greg Milligan, Microsoft Canada’s Mobility Solutions Manager, stated that “the first manufacturers are LG, Samsung, HTC, we’ll have those available here in Canada. We also see Dell coming into the market as well and some other manufacturers in 2011”. Today on Rogers Redboard, Microsoft’s Mike O’Sullivan stopped by to give a quick demo of the Samsung Focus. Pretty standard demo that gives all the features of the device.

At the tail end of the conversation he stated that “there’s a ton of momentum and we’re really excited about this. There’s more devices coming. You’re going to see additional form factors. If you’re the type of person that loves a hardware keyboard, you’re going to see more phones like that coming out in the future, so stay tuned. There’s a lot of excitement in this space and we can’t wait to roll out more devices in the Canadian market.”

The other devices with physical keyboards that are currently available in other markets are the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC 7 Pro. So you most likely count on these devices coming to Canada soon. Check out the video after the break

Source: Redboard

  • Khristopher

    I would really like to see WIND get one. I would probably ditch my Blackberry Bold 9700 for one.

  • JAWG

    Although I only know a few that have a Windows phone,all the ones I do know that do have it are happy and say it makes life a lot easier…I used one briefly and it seems great and it’s not what you expect.As more phones come out equipped with Windows I imagine a lot of faithful MS users will use it and will become more popular.I’m not big on BB’s and love Android instead of Apple…however I may make the change to Windows eventually.

  • Martin

    I was going to pull the trigger on a Windows Phone but the lack of hardware encryption is making me rethink this decision.

  • Dan

    Mobilicity and Wind need to get one!

  • skinnypig

    Momentum and excitement in Canada? That’s kind of hard to believe given the shortage of devices and lackluster launch so far (esp Rogers). My local FS still doesn’t have a Focus dummy unit on display, and their one working Surround is tucked away in the corner away where it is easily missed.

    • Garnet Ulrich

      It may just be that people are tired of MS me-too products, blue screens etc.. Burned 150 times, twice shy.

  • Mark L


    Maybe try going to some others stores? And if you want a lack of device support, stick with Rogers.

  • CovKid66

    Quote “They are all touchscreen devices except for the Optimus Quantum by LG.” ???

    They are ALL touchscreen devices. I can attest to the LG Optimus Quantum because I’m just about to return one to Bell 🙂

  • Nado

    This PR video provides absolutely no insight into the phone and since when did rolling up the sleeves on a jacket become cool?

    • Nick

      Lol worst haircut ever too… I can just imagine a bunch of old geezers trying to find a guy who the kids would think looks cool.

  • gavins

    Samsung FOCUS is the best of a bad lot. Me2 devices, nothing compelling not already widely available. perhaps if you live and die by your x-box maybe.