Palm: “next year very exciting” with new devices

Kate O'Brien

June 18, 2010 6:09am

The Palm Pre is the only device that has graced our great land and it’s available for about $300 no-contract. Pretty good deal for a device that has the new webOS platform. We’re hearing mixed rumours of this selling well vs. not selling well in Canada, no exact numbers are released.

However, if you’re a Palm fan there’s some good news on the horizon. A developers webinar was hosted by AT&T yesterday and a rep was asked about new devices:

“I’m not allowed to talk about future roadmaps, especially because we’re in the process of being acquired by HP, so I can’t say. But yes we have a road map. We are working on future devices. And [a] new version of the OS. So I think, you’re going to find the next year very exciting.”

New devices, upgrade in webOS… does this sound exciting to you?

Via: PreCentral

  • Eric

    I hope Palm comes out with updates for WebOS on the existing phones for some time.

    Same time,

    8-11mm well built slate
    4’0 inch screen with decent resolution
    Same processor as Galaxy S or Droid X or even combo on N8 or n9
    8MP camera/xenon flash.
    HDMI out

    A Pre 2 same specs as above t and a smaller 3’5 inch screen. Same resolution though. A NICER keyboard then current pre…

    pixi, meh they COULD release a follow up….

    id skip a pixi and release a Touch Pro2/N97 OR HTC Dream style phone 3’7 inch screen or something.

  • Adi

    If the Palm Pre were a HSPA device, it would have sold much better. But seeing it’s a lame CDMA Bell only device, it’s no wonder why it’s doing so poorly. The bad initial hardware quality didn’t help either..


  • David Lee

    who the hell would wait till next year for ANOTHER total upgrade on the OS? no thanks
    it’s all about Android, iOS, and Blackberry

  • joseph niagara

    Palm? Didn’t they get bought out from HP? They’re dead in the water….wish them luck but we all know HP is known for terribly built laptops and rehashed printers. So….

  • Jim R

    One can only hope that when he says they’re working on a “new version of the OS”, the OS he’s referring to is Android.

  • Blair M

    why would palm/hp go to android? they are already launching os updates regularity, and have no compatibility problems like android does. All palm/hp needs is decent hardware. the software is top notch! if you have never even tried web o/s don’t knock it.