Bell releases Samsung Messenger Free on 3-year


  • Meraki

    Perfect to go with the latest model of horse-drawn carriage I just bought!

  • Randy – 1

    The one (small) upside from this and a few other recent device announcements from Bell, is that they seem to be moving away somewhat from totally backloading their subsidies in order to “force” people into 3 year contracts.

    The Backflip from TELUS for example, Save 13% for a 1 yr contract; save 26% for a 2 year contract; save 75% for a 3 year contract!!

    At least Bell, while still giving a disproportionately higher subsidy for 3 year terms, is at least not making 2 year contracts virtually worthless in terms of subsidy by giving a 50% discount in this case; almost double TELUS’ latest announcement.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    hardly a new device..

    in canada? ok, it is tha latest WM device..still i wouldnt pay for one…

    Dont know why they changed tha name from OmniaPRO ?

    Allthough i dont know why samsung would brand this trash an omnia to begin with, Or why they made two completely different phones called omnia pro.. lol

    Still 299.95 is good for all those unhappy samsung Ace customers lol

    Lets see some Real WM 6.5 devices from HTC Bell.!

    unlimited data is my only reason for staying.. allthough that may not keep me much longer if they dont carry any htc devices.

  • Brandon Sharma

    why cant i find it on the site?:S