Bell adds Mexico to its Canada/U.S. plans

The company's $105/mo Ultimate 155 plan is also discounted to $75/mo right now

Bell has changed up the two Canada/U.S. mobile plans it offers, adding Mexico to the mix.

The carrier offers ‘Ultimate 150’ and ‘Ultimate 155’ plans with 150GB and 155GB of 5G data, respectively. The plans previously offered access to calling, texting, and data in Canada and the U.S., but as of September 12th, both plans include Mexico at no extra cost. Additionally, the Ultimate 155 plan is on sale, though it’s not clear for how long.

That’s a fairly significant addition to the plans given the high cost of roaming. Bell currently charges $13/day for U.S. roaming and $16/day for international roaming. Frequent travellers can rack up significant savings with one of these Ultimate plans compared to a cheaper plan with the regular roaming package.

Bell’s Ultimate 150 and 155 plans with Canada/U.S./Mexico access.

The Ultimate 150 plan costs $100/mo, while the 155 plan costs $75/mo (usually $105/mo). Both plans include access to Bell’s 5G+ network at the carrier’s “fastest available 5G+ speeds” followed by unlimited use at speeds of up to 512Kbps beyond the data allotment. The plans also include unlimited international texting and HD video streaming, which Bell says is up to 1080p quality. Both plans are only available for new activations, though the Ultimate 150 plan is only for bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers, while the Ultimate 155 is available with device upgrades.

Customers can also get 24 months of free Crave Basic with Ads with these plans.

While the overall prices of the plans didn’t change, it’s worth noting that Bell did tweak the discounts offered to customers who choose to get either of these plans and bundle them with the company’s home services. Bell still offers the $30/mo bundle discount, but it dropped the additional $5/mo bill credit from the Ultimate 150 plan and the $10/mo credit from the Ultimate 150 plan.

You can view the plans here.