Part of the team behind Alto’s Adventure is working on a game about sheep herding

"A folktale about life, loss and livestock"


If you’ve played the excellent Alto’s series, you’ll be familiar with U.K.-based Land & Sea’s work, which developed Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure alongside Toronto-based Snowman.

Striking out on its own, Land & Sea’s Summerhill resembles the Alto franchise visually. It features herding gameplay and problem-solving with a focus on corralling sheep alongside your trusty dog. The games calming soundtrack was also created by the composer behind Monument Valley 2.

Summerhill is an entirely new IP that aims to build on the themes that we care about most as a studio,” said Land & Sea founder Harry Nesbitt to Engadget. “In many ways, sheep herding is in our DNA and we really wanted to do justice to this timeless tradition and tell a story that could only be told in this way.”

The game doesn’t currently have a release date, and it’s unclear what platforms it’s coming to. Given Land & Sea’s history, Summerhill will likely make its way to mobile first.

Snowman, the other half of the Alto series’ development team, recently revealed Laya’s Horizon, a Netflix mobile game that offers players a visceral sense of speed.

The game was revealed as part of Summer Game Fest’s Day of the Devs.

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Image credit: Land & Sea

Via: Engadget