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What are your thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro?

How much money would you spend on this device?

Apple has finally announced its new AR headset, the Apple Vision Pro.

The headset has a sleek look that reminds me of a dragonfly. The Vision Pro offers an introduction to spatial computing, which lets users see through the device, and calls content over the top of the environment, similar to AR. It can be controlled via gestures, entirely by your hands and voice. Apple says users can interact with the device with their eyes and then gesture with their fingers to click on an app or more.

The Apple Vision Pro won’t launch until early 2024 in the U.S. for $3,400 USD (roughly $4,700 CAD) and is coming to other countries later.

You can learn more about the headset in Jon’s detailed news post here.

However, we’re curious, what are your thoughts on the device? Do you want this headset yourself? Let us know in the comments below.