Ontario’s government is giving smart thermostat users $75 through new program

Under Peak Perks, residents will see their thermostat automatically adjusted between two to four degrees

Ontario’s government is offering residents with smart thermostats a $75 prepaid MasterCard if they enroll in the Peak Perks program.

The new plan targets residents willing to conserve energy by reducing their air conditioning during peak times.

This includes the “hottest summer days” with “periods of peak electricity demand.” There won’t be more than 10 changes between June and September, ranging from two to four degrees Celsius, the program’s website states. Any changes are limited to weekdays.

Residents will have to give thermostat manufacturers access to the device. The manufacturers will notify users of any temperature changes through the mobile app and on their thermostats.

Residents will remain in control and “can opt-out of any temperature change event without impacting their incentive,” the Ontario government said in a press release.

Starting in 2024, residents will receive an additional $20 incentive for every year they stay enrolled in the program.

Peak Perks will “help meet the province’s emerging electricity system needs by providing annual electricity savings equivalent to powering approximately 130,000 homes every year and reduce costs for consumers by over $650 million by 2025,” Todd Smith, the Minister of Energy, said.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Government of Ontario, Save on Energy