Vidéotron starts rolling out 10 percent bonus data for Freedom customers

It could take up to two weeks to deliver the bonus data, the company said

When Québecor added Freedom Mobile to its subsidiary Vidéotron under a deal to acquire the company from Shaw, it agreed to give existing Freedom customers a 10 percent increase in data.

Well, according to some users, Vidéotron has started making good on its promise. Reddit user Mountain_Length4047 said they received a 10 percent bump, increasing their local data to 31.5GB in total.

Reddit user Mountain_Length4047 says they received their 10 percent bonus. Image credit: Mountain_Length4047/ Reddit

Several users also took to RedFlagDeals to say they got an extra 5GB on their $99 50GB prepaid plan. According to Freedom’s website, the 10 percent bonus applies to “mobile customers who have recurring data on their line.”

But it looks like the deal isn’t available to everyone just yet. Several Reddit and RedFlagDeals users said they haven’t seen the change on their accounts.

Vidéotron confirmed it will take up to two weeks to deliver the bonus to customers. This includes all customers part of Freedom’s subscriber base as of May 1st.

The company also said it’s rolling out the Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee to ensure “Freedom customers will never see an increase on their mobile plan rate.” It’s worth noting, however, that the company recently reduced its credit for customers who bring their own devices, effectively raising prices.

Source: Freedom, Reddit, RedFlagDeals