iPhone 14 models are now being assembled in Brazil

Apple continues to shy further away from China

Yellow iPhone 15

The base model in Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup is now being manufactured in Brazil, as reported on by the Brazilian publication MacMagazine.

Newly built iPhone 14 handsets will reportedly come with the text “Assembled in Brazil” written on the box.

The iPhone 14 joins the likes of the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE models in being assembled in Brazil. Foxconn Brazil in São Paulo appears to be the location of the production facility. The more expensive iPhone Pro models continue to be assembled in China — at least for now.

Apple has been in the process of slowly decoupling itself from China over the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic put stress on the company’s intricate supply chain network, and ongoing hostilities between Beijing and Washington make China a less desirable country for Apple to rely so heavily on.

Source: MacMagazine Via : 9to5Mac