A location timeline might be coming directly to Android settings app

The centralized location would make accessing the data less of a chore

Google Maps GPS

Google Maps has a nifty option that lets you track your location history data. An opt-in feature, it lets you see a timeline of where you have been while on your commutes.

A potential update from Google might allow users to view a similar location timeline directly from the settings app on Android.

The possible change was discovered by Twitter user Nail Sadykov, who is also the editor of the Google News Telegram Channel. Sadykov was able to turn on hidden flags within Google Play Services to view the new setting.

Currently, the timeline feature can only be found within the Google Maps app. It’s fairly easy to navigate to, but having the information made available in settings would help with discoverability.

It remains unclear whether a location timeline in settings would be separated from the existing one in Google Maps.

Source: Twitter Via: Android Police