Lucky Mobile offering 4GB of bonus data for 12 months to celebrate Eid

The flash sale ends on April 24th

Lucky Mobile splash screen

Bell’s Lucky Mobile is kicking off Eid celebrations with a new offer — 4GB of bonus data per month for 12 months.

The catch? You’ll need to register for Auto Top-Up with select plans starting at $35/month to qualify. Auto Top-Up plans come with 2GB/month of bonus data to begin with, so this Eid offer only nets you an extra 2 GB/month.

Lucky pitches its Auto Top-Up plans as an easy way to avoid missing payments. Using your payment of choice, the company adds funds directly to your account balance every month to cover service charges.

The offer lasts until April 24th, and is available online and at select retailers across the country.

You can check out the offer here. Chatr is also offering 4GB of bonus data for up to 12 months on select plans.