Chatr offering 4GB of bonus data up to 12 months on select plans

The prepaid plan deals are valid until April 24th

Rogers flanker brand Chatr is offering an additional 4GB of bonus data per month for 12 months on select nationwide prepaid service plans.

The company has plans for both 3G and 4G talk & text. All Chatr phone plans include call display, call forwarding, and group calling.

Until April 24th, you can get the 4GB data bonus on 3G talk & text plans starting at $35/mo up to $70/mo for unlimited Canada-Wide Talk and Data at speeds up to 10 Mbps.

Chatr 4G PlansThe same deal applies for 4G talk & text plans, with an additional $5 price increase per plan, starting at $40/mo and up to $75/mo. The deals are eligible with new activations and auto-pay until April 24th. Moreover, the 4GB bonus includes the 2GB of bonus data you get from signing up for auto-pay, so really you’re getting 2GB of extra data.

Looking at the fine print, Chatr confirms that unused data will not roll over into the next month and that additional data overage and data roaming rates apply where applicable. They also state that the data bonus will expire if the account becomes inactive or the plan is changed before the end of the 12-month period.

Full details of Chatr’s latest deals can be found here. Lucky Mobile is also offering 4GB of bonus data as part of a new offer.