Discord is the latest platform to leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT tech

The new AI-powered features are rolling out this week

Discord is the latest platform to incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology — in this case, through the chat service’s Clyde bot.

As shared by The Verge, the upgrade will allow the Clyde bot to answer questions and have conversations with users, making it a talkative chatbot like Microsoft’s Bing chatbot or OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The move is part of a broader AI push in Discord, with other features like AI-generated conversation summaries and the ability for Discord admins to leverage AI technology to moderate servers.

The updated Clyde chatbot will be free for Discord users in a limited number of servers with Discord alpha users next week as part of a public experiment.

Up next is AutoMod AI. Server moderators will be able to harness the power of AutoMod AI and its large language models to find and alert the moderator whenever server rules may have been broken, all while keeping in mind the context of a conversation to prevent false positives. “The AutoMod AI experiment begins in a limited number of servers today,” wrote Discord.

Discord is also rolling out Conversation Summaries. Essentially, the feature will let you read AI-generated summaries of conversations, so you can quickly catch up or join in on what matters most to you. It can be enabled in ‘Server Settings,’ and Discord will be experimenting with Conversation Summaries in a limited number of servers starting next week.


Image credit: Discord

Source: Discord Via: The Verge