Samsung ’21 and ’22 flagship devices get Android 13 update in Canada

The updates are rolling out on Samsung devices this week

Rogers’ update schedule has added multiple Samsung devices that will be receiving the update to Android 13 on November 22nd or November 29th. The Telus update schedule shows that some of these devices already got their update on the 19th, or will get it on the 23rd instead.

Here are the devices Samsung devices that are getting their Android 13 update (the Android 13 update also comes alongside One UI 5.0):

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – November 19th-22nd
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ – November 19th-22nd
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – November 19th-22nd
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 – November 22nd -23rd
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ – November 22nd -23rd
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – November 22nd -23rd
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – November 22nd -23rd
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra  – November 22nd -23rd
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – November 29th
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – November 29th
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – November 29th
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – November 29th

These are all the Samsung devices that will get the Android 13 update this month. This isn’t an exact science, and it doesn’t mean you’ll get the update immediately. However, it does indicate that the rolling-out process has begun and that it’s likely your device will recieve the update within the next month.

Source: Rogers, Telus