Netflix Interactive’s Triviaverse is a quick and fun new game

You'll have to login to Netflix to play

Netflix has started rolling out a new game called Triviaverse on the streaming service.

The trivia game is divided into three rounds of increasing difficulty for one or two players. As a player, you have to answer as many questions correctly in the designated amount of time and achieve the highest score possible. The questions range from history, science, pop culture and more.

The Triviamaster gives out badges like Bird Brain, Preschool Graduate, Lucky Guesser, Shockingly Average, Mere Mortal, PhD Dropout, Super Nerd, Potential Genius, Certified Genius and the ultimate title of Triviaverse God.

The game is available in English, Spanish (LatAm), Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Korean and Japanese.

You can only play Triviaverse on smart TVs, game consoles, computer browsers, Android phones, tablets and Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.

Source: Netflix