Federal government invest millions in EXFO’s work to advance 5G solutions

The investment will fund the 5G Center of Excellence and new jobs

The federal government has provided EXFO $15.9 million to advance 5G telecommunications.

The investment will allow the company, which develops and monitors various solutions for the telecom industry, to create a 5G Center of Excellence in Montreal. It will also create 50 job opportunities for data scientists, and software and telecom specialists from the fields of 5G, AI, Machine Learning, and cloud computing.

The funding will “accelerate solutions delivering better insights while automatically predicting and detecting issues and outages in 5G networks,” Philippe Morin, EXFO’s CEO, said. “Ultimately, our innovations will help service providers in Canada and beyond deploy 5G networks faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: EXFO