Apple unveils $1,099 Apple Watch Ultra

The Watch Ultra sports a rugged design and features to help when you're off the grid

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Ultra at its ‘Far Out’ event on September 7th.

The Watch Ultra matches some leaked details but with some unexpected features. The Watch Ultra sports a titanium case that wraps around the edge of the display to protect it. Speaking of, the display uses sapphire crystal to be extra durable.

Apple also amped up the Watch Ultra with a new ‘action’ button that can be customized to activate different features. On the other side, Watch Ultra sports a rugged digital crown and button designed to be used while wearing gloves. Watch Ultra also sports three microphones and two speakers for better clarity in outdoor voice calls.

On the battery front, Watch Ultra sports the biggest battery in an Apple Watch yet. It can last up to 36 hours, and with new optimization software coming later this year, it can extend battery up to 60 hours.

Apple also highlighted some new bands, including ‘Alpine Loop,’ ‘Ocean Band,’ and ‘Trail Loop.’

The company also detailed some of the impressive ways Watch Ultra can help when you’re off-grid. There are improved GPS systems and automatic background tracking that can mark a digital path when you go off-grid, helping you find your way if you get lost. Moreover, if you do get lost, you can activate an 86-decibel siren to help others locate you.

There’s also a built-in depth gauge for scuba diving, and the Watch Ultra is certified for use as a dive computer.

The Apple Watch Ultra is available to order starting now and releases on September 23rd. It starts at $1,099.

Image credit: Apple