You won’t be able to download your favourite show with Netflix’s ad-supported tier

No pre-downloading your favourite show or movie before a flight with the ad-supported tier

After Netflix confirmed in June that it plans to introduce a new and cheaper ad-supported subscription tier, the company has now announced that the tier wouldn’t allow for offline viewing.

With a normal Netflix membership, users are able to download their favourite shows and movies for viewing later. However, this won’t be possible with the upcoming ad-enabled tier, as found in the code of Netflix’s iOS app, reported by Bloomberg.

Netflix is planning to release the new tier early next year, though code for it is already available to view in its iOS app, according to developer Steve Moser who shared it with Bloomberg. “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads,” reads the text in the app code as discovered by Moser. Further, Moser suggests that playback controls won’t be available during an ad and that ads won’t be skippable.

The text in the iOS app code also suggests that users would be able to watch personalized ads. “Now, let’s set up your ad experience. We just need a few details to make sure you get the most relevant ads on Netflix. It’ll be really quick, we promise!” reads a message.

From what we know so far, Netflix will use Microsoft as its global advertising technology and sales partner.

This all builds on the previous reveal that Netflix wouldn’t offer all its content on the ad-tier. With this all in mind, it seems like ads aren’t the only concession users will need to make if they want cheaper Netflix.

One of Netflix’s major competitors in the streaming space, Disney+, announced that its ad-supported tier, called Disney+ Basic will debut in the United States in December for $7.99 USD/month (about $10.21 CAD). It is currently unclear when or if the plan will come to Canada.

Source: Bloomberg