Pearson Airport releases new infographic to help travellers prepare for their trip

The tool informs passengers of what to expect when departing and arriving at the airport

Pearson Airport has launched a new education campaign focused on helping passengers get through long wait times.

Their website features an infographic informing travellers of what their departures and arrivals will look like and what they can do to speed up the process. A second infographic examines what the airport and its partners are doing to ease congestion.

Image credit: Greater Toronto Airports Authority

“The challenges facing Canada’s largest airport are various and complex, with numerous parties operating their own systems across the airport footprint,” Deborah Flint, President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, said.

“Progress has been made but there is more to do to restore the Canadian Aviation System,” she said. Airlines and airports that cut services due to COVID-19 are now struggling to keep up with travel demands, with Pearson leading the charge.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Greater Toronto Airports Authority via CBC