Facebook no longer allowing fake reviews on its platform

It's unclear how much of a difference this change will make

Meta has updated its Community Feedback policy in an effort to reduce the number of fake user reviews on Facebook’s business pages.

If all goes according to the social media giant’s plans, users will start to notice fewer fake reviews on business pages following this update, which the platform says restricts accounts from writing fake reviews for businesses. The company says it aims to keep reviews “authentic and trustworthy.”

New guidelines include preventing the manipulation of reviews, incentivization, irrelevance, graphic content and spam.

Facebook also says that if accounts violate the new guidelines, it will result in the removal of content based on its Community Feedback policy and that the account will be restricted from product tags and listings, “or suspension or termination of access to any or all Meta products or features.”

Account termination also applies to those who are repeat offenders.

However, Facebook is not perfect either when it comes to fake reviews. Back in 2019, a group of its employees were caught leaving fake reviews for its Portal device on Amazon.

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