Samsung Galaxy S22 to receive big camera update in the near future

According to Telus, the S22 series will receive the June update on the 14th

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series will receive a substantial camera update in June, according to a recent announcement from the company on its South Korean Community forums.

We used Google to translate from South Korean-to-English for the below bullet points:

  1. Provides natural sharpness and improved contrast expression when taking pictures.
  2. Confirmed and corrected the phenomenon of one-time stopping during single take shooting.
  3. The AWB algorithm has been improved so that the original white colour can be better expressed when shooting a puppy.
  4. Optimized memory for video recording.
  5. Improved portrait mode performance and optimized camera performance.

When I reviewed the S22 Ultra back in January, I noted that the smartphone offered great photography during the day and night.

“Both day and night photography are great, and the phone’s cameras capture detail, colour and offer a great dynamic range. At night you can make out the clouds in the bright sky or make shots of architecture and graffiti look like it’s daytime. Of course, Samsung continues to add oversaturation to images, but I’ve grown to like this style of photography. The ultrawide camera seems to produce similar quality, even in low-light. I definitely found these two shooters to be a highlight when shooting at night.”

So far, this update is only available in South Korea, but it will likely make its way to other countries in the new future. Oddly, this information wasn’t included in the June update’s changelog.

According to Telus’ update schedule, the Galaxy S22 series will get this month’s update on June 14th. However, it’s unclear if these camera improvements will be included in the patch.

Source: Samsung Community Forum Via: TechRadar