PSVR 2 may not launch until 2023, mass production to start with 1.5 million units

Industry analyst Kuo believes Sony may not be ready to launch PSVR 2 until next year

Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) 2 headset may not be ready for the market this year. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Sony’s next-gen VR headset may now launch in early 2023.

On Twitter, reputable analyst Kuo broke down what he believes is the current landscape of PSVR 2. According to Kuo, his sources state that PSVR 2 is entering mass production during the second half of 2022. The initial supply order is reportedly made to be roughly 1.5 million units.

With that in mind, Kuo claims Sony “may launch it in [Q1] 2023.” Kuo suggests this timeframe is also dependent on the development schedule of the hardware’s launch titles.

Kuo runs through a few other notable tidbits of information. For instance, PSVR 2 features optical modules. This will mark an upgrade from the original PSVR headset, which didn’t. Now, Sony’s hardware feature six optical modules. Four of those are 720P IR cameras and two are for eye-tracking. Genius is said to be the leading supplier of the lenses.

Kuo typically has a good finger on the pulse of the industry. His insight typically lends itself well to analyzing Apple’s forthcoming devices and announcements. However, his supply chain sources likely have a good idea of where Sony’s PSVR 2 may be in production.

However, Kuo has been off in his predictions before. That said, Kuo isn’t the first analyst to predict Sony may delay PSVR 2’s launch until 2023. Ross Young previously predicted the same. Though, VR display shipments are on the rise.

Sony may find itself in a position to begin selling PSVR 2 prior to the holiday season. Given the current landscape of supply chain hurdles and software development, it’s best to air on the side of caution and set expectations accordingly.

Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Source: Ming-Chi Kuo Via: TechRadar