Twitch streamer xQc has moved back to Canada due to swatting and doxing

In the past someone showed up to his place with a crowbar

Retired pro Overwatch player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has moved back to Canada.

The Twitch streamer reportedly made the decision to return to Canada following several instances of swatting and doxing. Doxing is the act of revealing private personal information about a person. On the other hand, swatting occurs when someone informs the police of a dangerous individual — usually while they’re streaming — so that law enforcement comes to their home, usually with guns drawn. After a recent doxing incident, a man broke into Lengyel’s house with a crowbar. 

xQc previously moved to Los Angeles back in early 2021 due to these same issues. However, in late 2021, he moved away from Los Angeles and claimed it was because LA residents are “weird.”

Additionally, the report indicates that xQc now moves frequently to prevent doxing and swatting and often utilizes Airbnb.

xQc was recently in the news after his father called him on live on his stream to discuss his gambling debt, as the streamer lost $1.8 million due to the habit. It’s worth noting that xQc has started promoting gambling sponsors on his stream. Back in 2021, he decided to stop promoting sponsors, but on May 16th the streamer changed his tune.

Below is a quote from xQc (via Dextero) regarding why he’s promoting sponsors again:

“Everybody threw us all under the bus when the chips were down, and everybody turned on us. Everyone was a bunch of b*tches. But when some other streamers [decided to do sponsored gambling streams again], everybody flipped and said, ‘oh dude, if I had that much money, I would do it too! I respect this guy!’”

And with that, the streamer is back at it. “I started malding seeing people pick this and choose that, and you know what, at the end of the day, I was like, I love gambling, so I’m just going to gamble.”

Via: CGMagazine, Dextero