Freedom Mobile dealers sue company for alleged losses

The dealers represent 180 retail locations

Freedom Mobile

A group of independent Freedom Mobile franchise dealers have filed three lawsuits against the company.

The dealers have been “negatively and severely impacted by Freedom’s programming and compensation plans effecting the network,” a press release outlining the lawsuits states.

“The lawsuits seek damages for each of the dealers representing the alleged losses they have suffered as a result of Freedom’s operation of their various channels of distribution and in the compensation paid to the dealers.”

The negative impact started in early 2020 and increased following Rogers’ announcement to acquire Shaw.

The lawsuits were filed on behalf of the Association of F-Branded Wireless Dealers. The group represents 22 independent franchised dealers and dealer groups. They collectively operate 180 stores in Ontario and Alberta.

Rogers is currently in the process of selling off Freedom Mobile.

“Although the Freedom dealers do not know the future of the Freedom brand as a result of the uncertainty as to who will in fact acquire the assets of Freedom Mobile, the dealers remain hopeful that they will once again have the opportunity to remain a strong force in the marketplace for the benefit of many Canadians,” the press release states.

Source: Sotos LLP