Vidéotron files appeal on part of copyright decision involving hotel TV transmitters

The company says the judge partially erred in his judgement

Vidéotron has filed an appeal on a piracy case in which it received a partial judgment, saying the ruling left out a third company.

It was ruled back in February that Technologies Konek Inc. and Coopérative de câblodistribution Hill Valley violated the rules by working together to distribute TVA and TVA Sports channels to hotels without obtaining the right to do so.

Justice Sébastien Grammond ruled Vidéotron was only “partially successful” because Hill Valley has been considered a retransmitter since February 3rd, 2021, under section 31 of the Copyright Act, allowing it to show TVA stations.

Vidéotron’s original filing, made in March 2021, named the two companies, along with a third, Libéo Inc.

The February ruling stated Libéo was not responsible for copyright violations in the case.

In a recent filing dated March 23rd, Vidéotron argues the court should partially reverse the decision, and Libéo should be held responsible as it played a role in retransmitting TVA and TVA Sports stations.

Vidéotron argues, in part, that Libéo provided the servers that retransmitted the channels, and the judge made errors in relying on exemptions Vidéotron says don’t apply.

A second phase of the February ruling will take place. It’s not clear how this appeal would impact that phase.

Image credit: Shutterstock