OnePlus reportedly working on a foldable, could be the same as Oppo’s Find N

Rumour suggests OnePlus' first foldable will be based on the Oppo Find N, or even be a rebranded copy

OnePlus might be working on a foldable, and according to a new rumour, the foldable might be based on Oppo’s Find N hardware.

The news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. OnePlus and Oppo are both owned by BBK Electronics, which encourages sharing of hardware designs between the companies. Oppo released the Find N foldable in China back in December.

The report comes from Pricebaba and leaker Yogesh Brar (via Android Police), and says that OnePlus plans to base its foldable on the Find N. Moreover, the OnePlus foldable may even be a rebranded copy of the Find N.

Android Police notes that another BBK brand, Vivo, is set to launch its first foldable in China on April 11th. Like OnePlus, Vivo’s foldable could be similar to the Find N.

Considering Oppo and Vivo don’t typically come to Canada, the OnePlus foldable will be an interesting device to watch. Depending on how similar it is to the Find N, it could be our first chance in a while to check out a new foldable not made by Samsung.

Unfortunately, the Pricebaba leak didn’t include any details about OnePlus’ timeline, so we have no idea when to expect the phone. Still, if the company really is working on a foldable, we should learn more soon.

Header image credit: Oppo

Source: Pricebaba Via: Android Police