Rogers and Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network launch 5G transportation challenge

The two have launched a challange

Rogers and the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) have launched a challenge to expedite automotive innovations.

Mobility and transportation small and medium-sized enterprises, including designers and strategists, in the province of Ontario, must think about how they can use Rogers 5G network to create an application that utilizes the network, high precision positioning technologies and multi-access edge computing.

“This 5G Transportation Challenge will bring to life innovative new transportation solutions driven by our world-class 5G network,” Jorge Fernandes, chief technology and information officer at Rogers, said. “The whole sector is being transformed by the possibilities that come with 5G, and we’re confident that the smart-city use-cases that will come out of this new challenge will help fuel future innovation.”

Winners will display their applications at the David Johnston Research and Technology Park at the University of Waterloo. They’ll be using Rogers’ 5G-enables testbed, an element of the 5G Smart Campus at the university. Rogers and the University of Waterloo entered a multi-year partnership in 2019.

“Through OVIN, we’re building a network that is driving the future of automotive and mobility sector to build safer, cleaner, and more efficient transportation,” Raed Kadri, head of OVIN, said. “Ontario is at the forefront of this industry transformation, and we are excited to partner with Rogers on this challenge, to continue to drive prosperity for the province through 5G innovation.”

Those interested in participating must submit their ideas by May 2nd. The two organizations will announce the finalists on May 24th. Finalists will then pitch their ideas to a live panel of judges from various organizations, including Ericsson and Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division.

The winner will work closely with Rogers to continue the development of their solution.

More information is available on OVIN’s website.

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Source: Rogers