Telus introduces new Esports Affiliate Program

The company wants gamers to sell their services in exchange for commissions and discounts

One of Canada’s largest telecom companies is asking gamers across the country to work on commission.

Telus’ new Esports Affiliate Program allows gamers, influencers, and content creators, to make money by promoting Telus.

“By partnering with us, we’ll work to enhance your brand and make the online gaming community a safer, more friendly place,” the company says on a community message posted to their website.

There are five different levels of referrals, and the company is willing to work with anyone “regardless of follower size and experience.”

The carrier’s website states users will earn money based on the referrals they make. The number of referrals will also determine what level they’re at. For example, to stay at the lowest level, Bronze, participants must make five referrals to the company in a year. They’ll earn a “commission on every sale” and $10 0ff internet and Optik TV each.

It’s not clear how much the commission is. The number of referrals and benefits increases along with the levels.

The company promises to help gamers expand their influence and pay them up to $20,000 in sponsorships. Those who are sponsored (aka work for the company) will also have access to employee discounts.

Source: Telus