Report shows Pixel 6, 6 Pro carved out a tiny spot for Tensor in global chip market

Google's Tensor market share is still dwarfed by Qualcomm and Samsung, but it's there

Google Tensor chip

Google’s 2021 flagships, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, brought a lot of new and interesting things. Chief among them was Google’s Tensor chip, which has surprisingly carved out a tiny space in the market.

Despite only being available in two phones, which themselves are only sold in about a dozen countries worldwide, it appears Tensor nabbed a tiny 1 or 2 percent space at the high-end of the Android phone chipset market.

Counterpoint Research recently published a breakdown of the global Android chipset market. Unsurprisingly, it shows Qualcomm and Samsung dominating the high-end and premium segments. Qualcomm also holds the majority of the mid-to-high end market, with MediaTek covering the majority of the lower end.

Moreover, the report looks at 2021. That means for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s impact only came in the last two months’ worth of data included in the chart. So, while Tensor’s impact is small, it’s still impressive considering the timeline.

If Google continues to pump out impressive Pixel devices sporting Tensor chips, in a couple of years we could Google make a larger impact on the global chip market.

Judging by the rumours, Google’s upcoming Pixel 6a will use Tensor, so Google could soon make an impact in the lower end of the chart too.

Source: Counterpoint Research Via: 9to5Google